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La dernière grande ville nord-américaine sans services VTC vient de trouver sa solution avec Kater

Le 30 mars, Kater, une entreprise de technologie basée à Vancouver, a lancé la phase bêta de la première application VTC de la ville

VANCOUVER, 3 avril 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kater Technologies Inc. a lancé la phase bêta de la première application VTC (en anglais, ride-hailing) de Vancouver le 30

Angola’s President addresses Russian Parliament

MOSCOW – Angolan head of State JoAPound o Lourenco will address the Russian Parliament on Wednesday in Moscow, the first day of an official visit to that country with more than 146 million inhabitants.

Prior to his address, JoAPound o Lourenco will meet the Speaker of the Legislative body, Vyacheslav …

Industrial property importance is little-known in Angola

Sumbe – The deputy director of the Angolan Institute of Industrial Property (IAPI), Carla Carvalho, considered weak the country’s knowledge about the importance of industrial property in the areas of brands for inventions and utility models.

Carla Carvalho was speaking in Sumbe city in the lecture on “Importance of the …

Angola and France focus on farming, cattle breeding staff training

Luanda – France will strengthen cooperation with Angola in the training of Angolan staff in the sector of agriculture and livestock, under a protocol signed Tuesday in Luanda by the sector’s ministers from the two countries, Marcos Nhunga (Angola) and Didier Guillaume (France).

The protocol will enable the Angolan technicians …