Daily Archives: July 17, 2019

Software and graphics already have fiscal validation

Luanda – The General Tax Administration (AGT) has already validated the tax software of more than 103 national and foreign companies, which support the file “SAF-T AO”, an information export tool for Value Added Tax (VAT) due to come into force on 1 October.

The SAF-T file brings together all …

Sudan’s Power-Sharing Deal Missing Key Details

WASHINGTON/KHARTOUM – After months of on-again, off-again talks, Sudan’s military and opposition leaders have signed a power-sharing deal that rotates control of an executive council, but leaves other key details to be determined.

Under the deal, the 11-member Sovereign Council, the top level of government, will be made up of …

Sudan’s Opposition and Ruling TMC Sign Political Accord

KHARTOUM – Sudan’s ruling Military Council and a coalition of opposition groups signed a power-sharing accord in Khartoum Wednesday. Analysts say the accord is an important step forward after months of unrest, but not everyone is convinced it is a new beginning for Sudan.

The accord calls for a three-year …

Media Advocates Decry Burundi’s Increasing Restrictions

NAIROBI/WASHINGTON Press freedom advocates are coming down hard on Burundi, after increasing restrictions prompted the BBC to shut down its bureau in the central African country this week.

Burundian authorities have also suspended VOA from operating in the country since March and have threatened sanctions against Radio France International.

Reporters …