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Angola runs international mining tender

The diamonds exploration areas are located in the eastern provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul, while the iron spots are in the northern Cuanza-Norte province and phosphate in northern Cabinda and Zaire provinces.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum has said, in the case of the diamond mining …

Angola attends World Cotton Day

This event stems from the application by the Cotton-4 countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali) to the United Nations General Assembly for official recognition of a World Cotton Day, reflecting the importance of cotton as a global commodity.

World Cotton Day is being celebrated in countries across the globe, …

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Angolan ambassador accredited to Brazil

The new head of the Angolan diplomatic mission to Brazil was appointed last May by President JoAPound o Lourenco.

Florencio Mariano da ConceicAPound o e Almeida was previously fulfilling this mission in Italy and now replaces Nelson Manuel Cosme.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the new ambassador of Angola to Zambia, Azevedo …