Daily Archives: February 12, 2020

Le Viet Nam comptera dix millions d’utilisateurs de la 4G en 2020

  • Viettel ajoutera 2 400 stations de base pour combler 3 700 trous de couverture
  • Le géant vietnamien des télécommunications coopérera avec des fournisseurs pour proposer des smartphones à moins de 65 USD et des téléphones à moins de 25 USD
  • Viettel prévoit de passer à dix millions d’utilisateurs de la

Vietnam’s 4G Users To Grow By 10 Million In 2020

  • Viettel to add 2,400 base stations to fill 3,700 coverage holes
  • The Vietnamese telecom giant will cooperate with vendors to supply smartphones under $65, feature phones under $25
  • Viettel estimates an increase of 10 million 4G users due to these solutions

HANOI, Vietnam, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Viettel Group …

Attorney General’s Office confiscates properties in Luanda

In a statesman, the Attorney General’s Office states that the properties seizure will remain while the criminal process is going on in the ambit of the Angolan State’s assets recovery programme.

According to a document to which ANGOP has had access, the properties that were under the possession of the …

Swimming: Lia Lima wins silver medal in Lisbon Meeting

This mark of the Angolan swimmer that is training since September 2017 in Rio Maior high performance centre, in Portugal, becomes the new national senior absolute record breaker by overcoming her previous mark (1m.03s.18d) achieved in the same competition.

Registered in five races, Lia Lima was prominent also in 50 …