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Diamond production in Angola bellow expectation

Luanda – Angola will produce, during this year, eight million carats, two million less than the previous years, announced last Friday the president of the National Diamonds Company (Endiama), Ganga Júnior.

Speaking on the sidelines of the announcement of the winners of the public tender for the granting of mining rights, carried out by the Ministry of Petroleum, Geology and Mines, in Luanda, the Endiama C.E.O said that the drop in production is due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic of the covid-19.

However, the source explained that the company is working on its restructuring in order to increase production and position itself among the three largest diamond miners in the world.

He explained that, for this purpose, the existing mines are being improved, with emphasis on the old Luvo concession and the exploration of the Luaxi mine (eastern Lunda Sul Province), although on an experimental basis, will soon begin with the aim of increasing the production capacity.

In 2019, the diamond sector in Angola produced just over 9.1 million carats, exploited by 12 mining companies.


Source: Angola Press News Agency


Cimenfort Industrial gets into phosphate field with $75million

Luanda – Cimenfort Industrial, one the four winners of the international public tender to grant mining rights in Angola, is to invest US $75 million in phosphate exploration.

As the information was released in Luanda, last Friday, during a ceremony to announce the winners of the tender, the company’s project coordinator, David Silva, also said that, in a first phase, the project should generate 80 direct jobs, 160 in the second phase and 190 in the third phase.

Cimenfort, based in the centre-west Benguela Province, is  one of Angola’s biggest cement producers, and now it makes its debut in phosphate exploration.

In total, seventeen institutions participated in  the tender that granted mining rights  for the exploration of iron, diamonds and phosphate, in the province of Cuanza Norte, Cabinda, Zaire and Lunda Norte.

Besides the ”Cimenfort Industrial, LDA” (Angola), other winners were; ”Mimbos Resources,LDA” (Australia) – Phosphate, and for the diamond exploration, Bizzi & Associados / Somipa ”(consortium Angola / Brazil) and“ Ishangol ”(USA).

For iron exploration, the only candidate company did not meet the requirements, according to Mankenda Ambroise, coordinator of the evaluation committee.

In this international public tender, the first in the mining sector in Angola, the concession of the phosphate deposit in the region of Cácata (Cabinda), was the one that received the highest number of proposals, with a total of seven competing companies, corresponding to 41.2% , followed by the kimberlite from Camafuca Camazombo, province of Lunda Norte, with four competitors (23.6%).



Source: Angola Press News Agency


Angolan Head of State congratulates Paraguay on 15 May celebration

Luanda – The Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço, last Friday congratulated the people, government and Head of State of Paraguay on the 209th independence anniversary, marked on the same day (15).

On the congratulations note, President João Lourenço highlights the friendship and solidarity ties that exist between the peoples of Paraguay and Angola.

He expresses the desire to see a strengthening of relations between both states, in various domains, having in view the realisation of reciprocal interests.

Angola and Paraguay have diplomatic and co-operation relations in political, economic and social affairs, with emphasis on the sectors of agriculture, cattle-breeding and education.

Source: Angola Press News Agency


China Telecom Global chooses Angola Cables to boost connectivity

Luanda – China Telecom Global (CTG), an information technology and communication company, has chosen Angola Cables to be its preferential operator to reinforce its long distance connectivity services between Asia, Africa and Latin América.

A press release that reached Angop Saturday says with this partnership, the two companies are gearing up to launch an express transmission route connecting China, South Africa and Brazil, through the Southern Atlantic Cable System (SACS).

The note also states that the two institutions have also set up an interconnection network in South Africa, taking advantage of the advanced capacities of the two firms’ networks, thus significantly improving the transmission capacity between China, South Africa, Angola and Brazil.

Africa is a fast growing market and China Telecom Global has been developing service capacities on this market since 2010, the release also says.

According to the source, CTG will also take advantage of SACS capacities and potential to offer its customers low latency, safe and economic speeds, well below 156 156 miliseconds (ms), between Johannesburg (South Africa) and São Paulo (Brazil).

The partnerships Angola Cables has been establishing show more and more the right vision of turning Angola into a traffic/data hub in Africa, thus enabling the companies and families to benefit from a telecommunication services network in Africa, with highlight to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region.

China Telecom Global Limited (CTG) is a subsidiary of China Telecom Corporation Limited (“China Telecom”) and ranks 141st in the Fortune Global 500 in 2019.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Hong Kong, China, CTG connects the Asia-Pacific region to the world, with branches and affiliates in 42 countries and markets, 200 PoPs abroad and more than 55.4 Terabits of capacity in width in terms of international connectivity and intercontinental capacity.

Angola Cables is a multinational in the ICT sector with differentiated connectivity solutions for the wholesale and corporate segment.

With a robust transport infrastructure and highly interconnected IP network, Angola Cables provides access to the largest IXP’s, Tier 1 operators and global content providers.


Source: Angola Press News Agency