AADIC takes seven educational institutions to court

Luanda The Angolan Association of Consumer Rights (AADIC) confirmed last Thursday, in Luanda, that it has already initiated legal action, in the form of an injunction, against seven private educational institutions.

Speaking to the press, during a conference, the president of AADIC, Lourenco Texe, referred that this lawsuit is due to the undue increase of prices, for not complying with the legal precepts in terms of the charging of fees for the 2020 academic year.

Listed are the High School of Nossa Senhora da AnunciacAPound o, Aurora Internacional, Complexo Escolar Marinela and Elisangela Filomena, as well as the private universities of Angola, Jean Piaget and Gregorio Semedo.

To AADIC, the situation is not limited to changes and increases in prices, but other services that are charged illegally, such as the collection of improper fines, the introduction of remunerated activities throughout the academic year, among other issues.

In view of the situation, which has been going on since the year 2019, AADIC has asked the Ministry of Finance for a list of educational institutions that have requested to change and increase tuition fees and other fees.

For the Readjustment of Tuition and Service Fees it is necessary to agree with the Regulatory Authority, in this case the Ministry of Finance, emphasized the source.

Source: Angola Press News Agency