Action against Isabel dos Santos is not an isolated case – Minister

Lisbon – Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs Manuel Augusto Monday in Lisbon, Portugal, said that the legal action against the former Angolan president’s daughter Isabel dos Santos was not an “isolated act”, targeting a specific person, but was part of the law on repatriation of the country’s assets.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of his speech at diplomatic seminar, taking place on Monday and Tuesday in Lisbon, he Angolan diplomat said that the act is against all those who failed to abide by the law on voluntary repatriation, and the government vowed to do so in a coercive manner.

The government will not stop until it understands that what it has set itself as a goal in term of ongoing investigation has been achieved, said the Angolan top diplomat.

As for the freezing of the assets of Isabel dos Santos, her husband, Sindika Dokolo, and the Portuguese Mario da Silva, Manuel Augusto, he said that the action is the result of an injunction initiated by the Angolan government through the Public Prosecutor office.

On the seizure extending to the property in Portugal, the minister said that the instruction of the Provincial Court of Luanda is specific with regard to the assets covered.

“It is the beginning of a case, and the sentence itself defines the conditions under which it can expire if the requirements of what the Angolan Executive considers its legitimate interest are met,” he explained.

Luanda court has earlier ordered a temporary freezing of all the assets owned by the entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos, her husband Sindika Dokolo, and the business associate Portuguese Mario Filipe Moreira Leite da Silva, CEO of the Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA bank).

The ruling is a result of a precautionary measure requested by the government, following a lawsuit in which the government authorities demand the accused a payment of USD 1.1 billion.

On December 30, Luanda provincial government ordered the freeze of personal bank account of Isabel dos Santos, her husband and the associate Mario da Silva, in addition to nine companies in which the daughter of the former President holds interest.

Source: Angola Press News Agency