Africa defends fair urban policies

New York Angola’s permanent representative to the UN, Maria de Jesus Ferreira, Monday defended the implementation of fair urban policies to combat asymmetries and guarantee decent housing in the world.

The diplomat was speaking on behalf of the African Group at the 58th session of the Commission for Social Development, under the theme affordable housing and social protection systems for all.

Maria de Jesus Ferreira, who was speaking as President of the African Group to the UN for the month of February, considered it essential to defend the dignity, integrity, equality and equity of humanity, ensuring that all citizens have a decent shelter .

In her speech, the ambassador considered sustainable urbanization to be one of the most pressing challenges in the world, having suggested the implementation of social protection initiatives to ensure employment and access to essential social services, such as housing.

At the meeting, Maria de Jesus Ferreira defended the implementation of structural policies that combat regional asymmetries to avoid the continuous migration of citizens from rural areas to cities in search of better living and livelihood conditions for families.

Source: Angola Press News Agency