Agrarian technicians learn new methods of soil conservation

Huambo – Twenty technicians from the Agrarian Development Institute (IDA) and the agriculture department in the central Huambo Province are attending since last Monday a seminar on the new methods of soils conservation.

The event that will last until this Friday, held with the initiative of the non-governmental organization Development Workshop (DW), is focusing on theoretical and practical components.

In the opening session, the activity coordinator, Moises Festo, stressed that the training seminar is part of the challenges to improve the arable lands productivity in Huambo, in order to meet the necessities of production increase.

The official referred that the training aims also to elevate the knowledge level of the technicians from the agricultural sector so that they can be technically better prepared to support peasants families, specially towards the improvement of soil conservation, focusing on the fight against land misuse by the communities and other practices which are lacking in cultivation areas.

According to Moises Festo, the objective is to eliminate the chemical and physical attacks on soils, such as anarchic burning, the indiscriminate felling of trees and non-utilization of inorganic material, making them unproductive for agricultural activity.

From that view, the coordinator informed that the participants will be trained theoretically in issues about sustainable management of lands, facts which limit agro-productivity, sustainable environment soil fertility, the use of inorganic fertilizers, composting as an alternative to inorganic fertilization, and the restoration of degraded areas.

Founded in 1973 and in Angola since 1981, DW is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to poor and disadvantaged communities in developing countries. The organization works in over 30 countries in Asia, America and Africa.

Source: Angola Press News Agency