Agreements enhance teachers training

Luanda – Three cooperation agreements, in the field of teachers training for technical and professional education, were initialed, last Friday, in Luanda.

The agreements were signed by Camões-Institute for Cooperation and Language, Agostinho Neto University, José Eduardo dos Santos University and by the National Scholarship Management Institute (INAGBE).

The protocols aim to benefit with scholarships 430 students from eleven courses, in the most diverse areas of engineering, according to the coordinator of the Revitalization of Technical Education and Professional Training of Angola (RETFOP) project, Alexandre Rosa.

Financed by the European Union, with a value of AKZ 1.2 billion, the amount is to be distributed to the Higher Education Science Institutes (ISCED) in Luanda and Huambo, as well as for the payment of scholarships.

According to the minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Bragança Sambo, who approved the agreements, this action shows the commitment to the development of human capital and the training of staff.

The 2018/2022 National Development Programme recommends, among other actions, the training and management of teaching staff.

The government plans to create, by 2022, at least 17 new courses that will allow teacher training, specifically in higher education, with new dynamics.

According to the head of the portfolio, there is a need not only to train teachers in technical areas, but also to make students create their bases for employment.

With these actions, he said, the government is fulfilling the desire to gradually reverse the framework of training provision in the country, characterized by an excess of courses in the areas of administration and law, to the detriment of technical areas with great relevance for the country’s development.

Meanwhile, the higher education institutions that initialed the agreements requested control and rigour, so that in the end the evaluation is positive and the experience replicated by the country.

He encouraged the beneficiary students to engage in the training process, bearing in mind that failure to do so will result in the loss of the scholarship.

The teacher training courses for technical and professional education confer a Bachelor’s degree and last for 3 years at the Faculty of Engineering, at the Agostinho Neto University and at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, at the José Eduardo dos Santos University.

Source: Angola Press News Agency