AGT approves rules for VAT settlement

Luanda – Taxpayers within the general and transitional regimes of Value Added Tax (VAT) with payments equal to or greater than 100 million kwanzas are now made through the Reference for Payments to the State (RUPE).

According to a note to which Angop had access, taxpayers who have difficulties in making payments of 100 million kwanzas or more in any banking institution can resort to Standard Bank Angola (SBA), Banco de Negócios Internacional ( BNI), Caixa Geral Angola and Crédito do Sul.

These banking institutions, according to AGT, already have at their disposal the new payment model called RUPE-STC- Credit Transfer System, a tool contained in the Collection Document (DC), generated when electronic submission of the Periodic Declaration VAT (Model 7), regardless of the amount payable.

According to a note, as of April 17, the transfer of amounts to the Bank of Commerce and Industry (BCI) account is prohibited, where an account called “Income-VAT Account, or any other collection account, was opened.

“That account will be blocked for credits that are not made via RUPE”, reads the statement signed by the chairman of the Board of Directors of AGT, Cláudio Paulino dos Santos.

Source: Angola Press News Agency