Alliance Francaise runs Kongo Kingdom conference

Mbanza Kongo – A conference that touched on two themes related to the former Kingdom of Kongo took place today in Mbanza Kongo, Zaire, in a promotion of the Alliance Francaise in Angola in partnership with the local Higher Polytechnical School.

The conference addressed themes related to the “Political, social and territorial organization of the Kingdom of Kongo; relations with Europeans, and aesthetics of the Kingdom of Kongo: an example of spiritual and cultural discourse on the world through statuary. “

The two themes were presented by Franco-Congolese historian Jean de Dieu Nsonde, who was speaking in French, with the right to translation in Portuguese, to the auditorium made up of students and teachers from the Hogher Polytechnical school that filled the local amphitheater.

The deputy dean of the institution for the scientific area, Zolana Avelino, urged by the Angop to summarize the essence of the two lectures, explained that the speaker wanted, with the first theme, to remember that the Kingdom of Kongo, in the sixteenth century, was already a well organized territory structurally and functionally, with a certain technology.

He stressed that the organization found by the Europeans in the Kingdom of Kongo did not escape by far the reality of some regions of the old continent at the time.

Source: Angola Press News Agency