Ambassador highlights investment conditions in Angola

Lisbon Angolan ambassador to Portugal, Carlos Alberto Fonseca said Thursday, in Porto city, that the conditions have been created for the deepening of relations between the two countries.

Under this partnership, according to the Angolan diplomat, there should be an active investment participation of large, medium, small and micro Portuguese companies in the processes of economic diversification and privatization in Angola.

Carlos Alberto Fonseca was speaking at the Forum dedicated to the theme: Investment and relations between Angola and Portugal, which marked the end of the celebrations of the 22nd anniversary of the Porto Football Club House in Luanda.

To him, it is a great opportunity for its internationalization in a highly prospective market, not only in itself, but also in access to a larger market in Southern Africa Development Community(SADC) and Economic Community Central Africa State (CEEAC), subregional integration regions in which Angola is part.

By participating in the diversification of the Angolan economy, he said, Portuguese companies will be contributing to the sustainability of the Angolan economy.

In the relationship framework, Portugal has been one of Angola’s main partners.

The Angolan diplomat highlighted the process of diversification and relaunch of the Angolan economy and in the context of the new economic paradigm, the private business sector for which all the incentives for its rapid flourishing are created has a crucial role.

Source: Angola Press News Agency