Analysts advocate for a new dynamics within ruling MPLA party

Luanda – The future leader of the MPLA is committed to giving a new impetus to the performance of Angola’s largest party, Angolan politician and academic Mario Pinto de Andrade said on Tuesday.

The equally militant of the party was speaking in a debate promoted by the Public Television of Angola (TPA), on the eve of the transfer of the presidency of the MPLA from Jose Eduardo dos Santos to JoAPound o Lourenco, that takes place next Saturday, September 8.

In this regard, Mario Pinto de Andrade defended a “new mentality” of the MPLA towards future challenges, while at the same time endorsing in President JoAPound o Lourenco the commitment to put in place this new dynamic.

The future of the MPLA, according to the politician, also goes through a renewal at the level of the Political Bureau and the Secretariat, to allow the party to be continuously winning and increasingly inserted in society.

“It is necessary that the generation of Jose Eduardo dos Santos has the courage to leave with him,” said Mario Pinto de Andrade, for whom the MPLA has to count on a younger generation, capable, competitive and, also, more patriotic.

According to Mario Pinto de Andrade, the MPLA put an end to the phase in which those who did not accomplished with their duties would rest for a year and then were appointed to other functions.

MPLA analyst and activist Manuel Miguel de Carvalho “Wadijimbi” approved an eventual “stirring” in the Political Bureau and in the Party Secretariat, “within the principle of renewal and continuity.”

Wadijimbi said that a new look must be given to the Political Bureau and to the MPLA Secretariat to allow the party to be continuously winning and to be increasingly inserted into society. He also Also, emphasized that JoAPound o Lourenco’s personal strategy towards the party can only be fulfilled in the ordinary congress of 2022.

Another analyst, the agronomist Fernando Pacheco, advocated for a “balance” between the generations, so that the experience of the elders passed on to the younger.

Fernando Pacheco welcomed the fact that JoAPound o Lourenco assumed the leadership of MPLA. In his view, only as a leader of the party will it be possible to trigger an entire process leading to an eventual constitutional revision.

Source: Angola Press News Agency