Angola: 1� de Agosto overcome Interclube in national championship

Luanda – With six points difference (79-73), 1� de Agosto Friday beat Interclube in the ninth and final round of the 4th stage of the regular round of the National Senior Basketball Championship (Unitel-Basket), and lead the tournament with 59 points.

The match was played at the Vitorino Cunha pavilion, and in the first period the two teams, despite appearing apathetic in the match, with the host club with aspects of fatigue and the police with some fear of giving up, finished in a draw (17-17).

In the second quarter they were little productive, but the military were more offensive by scoring only 14 points and visitors nine (31-26), score of the interval.

In the third period, the team led by Paulo Macedo, despite difficulties in finishing, managed to beat the pupils of Alberto de Carvalho “Ginguba”, with a difference of 10 points (61-51).

In the last quarter, it was more painful for the military that they got tired of exhaustion, that by a thread the policemen took the best of the host, which relied only on the experience of the players.

The US Andre Harris of 1� de Agosto was the best scorer of the match with 15, minus one of Jonathan Ndjungo of Interclube.

Source: Angola Press News Agency