Angola: 10 provinces to get late this year local TPA broadcasting

MocAmedes – Angolan mass media minister JoAPound o Melo announced Monday in southwestern Namibe province that, by the end of this year, 10 Angolan provinces will have a local broadcast of the Public Television of Angola (TPA).

The Cabinet official, who was speaking at the launch of the local broadcast in Namibe, stressed that these are the first steps being taken to expand the number of provinces that now have local programming.

“With the launch of this local broadcasting there are already six provinces with local broadcasting and our goal is to reach 10 provinces by the end of the year,” said the minister.

According to JoAPound o Melo, this initiative is part of a program of the Ministry of Mass Media in order to promote and improve the performance of the regional press.

The minister acknowledged that there are still some gaps in some media, specifically in the transmission of content with local broadcasting, with the exception of National Radio of Angola which broadcasts its news channel to the municipalities and communes.

The governor of Namibe, Carlos da Rocha Cruz, said that the province presents several cultural and economic diversities and people with diversified customs and habits and a rich economic mosaic diversified in the fields of agriculture, fishing, tourism, in ornamental stone mines.

“Angolans need to know about our economic and cultural potential, and for this we have this information channel that could divulge all the wealth that Namibe offers,” he said.

As part of his work in Namibe, the Social Communication minister, JoAPound o Melo, visited the premises of Angop, National Radio of Angola, EdicAes Novembro and Radio Eclesia on the same day.

Source: Angola Press News Agency