Angola has implemented public policies and strategies to strengthen the partnership between the public and private sector aimed at boosting co-operatives across the country, says Economy Minister AbrahAPound o Gourgel.

Speaking at the opening of the National Conference on Co-operatives here Wednesday, he said these partnerships would ensure concrete alternatives to overcome the difficult economic time the country was currently experiencing as a result of depressed oil prices.

The Minister said that the strategies also offered alternatives to conventional production systems through more participatory and inclusive economic activities to deal with imbalances recorded in the sector.

Referring to the experience of the other countries, he said the development of the co-operative sector dated to the industrial and agricultural revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries and the movement had played a key role in the economic development of these nations and communities.

He added that the international experience showed that co-operatives have contributed much to the improvement of lives as well as economic, social and cultural progress of different communities.

Gourgel described co-operatives as a form of important business organization capable of generating jobs and increasing production of goods and services.

“The promotion of co-operatives appears at the top of the political agendas of many countries, especially in some sub-Saharan nations such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Mozambique,” he added.