Ensuring food self-sufficiency and reducing imports of commodities will remain among the priorities of the Angolan government which expects the country to be able to produce 1.05 billion eggs a year, says Agriculture Minister Afonso Pedro Canga.

The Minister said here Tuesday that current production of of food items in Angola was still not sufficient, with deficits being recorded in output of cereals and meat, mainly chicken and beef although Angola had managed to reduce to 14 per cent its food insecurity rate in 2015.

He told a media conference that in 1992 the food insecurity rate stood at 63 per cent.

The said conditions were being created to boost investments in the food sector and increase domestic production of cereals, roots and tubers, meat and eggs. Under the strategy, the output of eggs will be raised to 850 million a year by the end of 2016, with a per capita consumption of 70 eggs.

Comparatively, he explained that the poultry industry produced in 2015 is about 450 million eggs which was able to meet only 41 per cent of the needs of the country. Production of 850 million eggs year will meet 71 per cent of the requirement.

As for the production of cereals, the Minister said Angola produced 1.8 million tons last year, mainly corn. As for the production of roots and tubers — mainly cassava, sweet potato and potato — the minister said production totalled 10 million tons in 2015.

Source: Nam News Network