Angola analyses cooperation with Qatar

Doha – Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs Manuel Domingos Augusto Thursday discussed oil and gas cooperation with Deputy Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulraman Al-Thani.

The meeting with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulraman Al-Thani, who is also Foreign Affairs Minister of Qatar, approached the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

The Angolan minister had been in Geneva, Switzerland, where he defended solution to international issues at multilateralism level during the 40th session of the Human Rights Council and in the High Level Debate on Human Rights and Multilateralism.

Qatar’s economy depends most on oil income, with more than 70% of the government total income and 60% of gross domestic product. About 85% of the total export balance.

The country’s reserves stands at 588,000,000 m� or 3.7 billion barrels.

Source: Angola Press News Agency