Angola analyses legalisation requests from 95 churches

Luanda – Angolan authorities are evaluating 95 requests for the legalisation submitted by religious confessions, according to inter-ministerial commission tasked with monitoring the exercise of religious freedom, belief and worship in Angola.

The inter-ministerial commission released the data at the end of a meeting aimed at assessing and approving the memorandum on the exercise of freedom of religion, belief and worship in Angola on Wednesday.

The meeting, chaired by the minister of Culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus, also analysed the issues related to the role of the state in the public policy framework.

Currently there are 84 unrecognized religious confessions, 79 for ecclesiastical organisations.

The Law 12/19, of 14 May stipulates the legalisation of a religious confession which includes, among other requirements, a maximum of 60,000 members.

This means that the religious organisation seeking to get legalised must have one thousand in each province of the country.

During the Operation Rescue aimed restore the State’s authority, the country closed 1,850 places of worship operated unlawfully.

The meeting recommended regular consultations, meetings and permanent dialogue with religious leaders, ensuring their participation in the decision-making process, providing the State with better tools to defend their identity and homogeneity.

There are also 84 recognised denominations and an estimated 1,206 religious institutions which are neither registered nor recognised.

Angolan Executive has extinguished the ecumenical platforms in the country, with a view to standardising the exercise of freedom of religion, belief and worship, according to the Constitution.

Source: Angola Press News Agency