Angola assists cyclone Idai victims in Mozambique

Beira – Angola’s assistance made up of 26 tons of food and medicines to Tropical Cyclone Idai victims in Mozambique will help prevent the spread of the epidemics in the Indian Ocean country, the Health minister of Mozambique Nazira Abdula said Friday in Beira city.

“Angola’s aid, along with medical teams to join us, arrived at right time. We must watch out in order to avoid epidemics such as malaria and diarrhea,” she said.

The minister said the Angolan team of specialists in medical emergencies is crucial for planning action to contain epidemics, under the Mozambican Ministry of Health.

In her turn, the Angolan Health minister Silvia Lutucuta said that she was socked by the extend of devastation caused by natural disaster in Mozambique.

“This initial approach is just a diagnosis. Once done, we will then define our action strategy for Mozambique,” she said.

Mozambique’s Beira city bore the brunt of the tropical cyclone Idai, with winds speed of over 170 kilometers per hour.

More than 400 deaths and 89, 177 people made homeless, who are in camps set up by government.

Source: Angola Press News Agency