Angola assumes responsibility on stay of DRC refugees

Dundo – Refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo based in Lovua camp, who have decided to stay in Angola, have the support of the Angolan Government, according to the agreement reached at the tripartite meeting between Angola, UNHCR and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The information was released Thursday in Dundo, by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Angola, Philippa Candler, at the end of a meeting with Lunda Norte governor Ernesto Muangala.

The representative said that from the survey carried out by May of this year, 15 percent of refugees expressed a desire to remain in Angola until the political situation in the DRC improves.

According to Philippa Candler, the parties also agreed that on 16 September, the process of organized repatriation of refugees who had not joined the voluntary and spontaneous return since 19 August began, with the support of the Angolan Government.

Voluntary and spontaneous repatriation is not directly supported by UNHCR, only by the two Governments (Angola and DRC), which must create transport conditions for those who voluntarily decide to return.

Source: Angola Press News Agency