Angola awaits ratification of civil and political rights

Luanda – Four international human rights conventions have been signed by Angola and are awaiting ratification, Angolan Secretary of State for Human Rights and Citizenship Ana Celeste Januario said Monday in Luanda.

This is the second Optional Protocol to the Convention on Civil and Political Rights concerning the abolition of the death penalty, signed by the country in 2013, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (2013), and the Convention against Torture and other cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment (2013).

The agreement for the protection of persons and forced disappearances was also signed by Angola, according to the Secretary of State who spoke at the round table on ratification of international human rights conventions promoted by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

In terms of human rights, there are nine main international treaties, four of which have already been signed by Angola. The Law of International Treaties establishes the President of the Republic, as the competent entity to promulgate such regulations, after approval by the National Assembly.

According to Ana Celeste Januario, the theme of Human Rights, as a cross-cutting issue, is a priority in the agenda of the Angolan State.

Source: Angola Press News Agency