Angola: BNA sells 221.6 million euros

Luanda – The National Reserve Bank (BNA) sold in the last seven days 221.6 million euros (about USD 247.6 million) to commercial banks, which includes 104.4 million euros to cover the transactions of several sectors.

In comparison to the previous seven days it was recorded a slight reduction in the sale of this currency to commercial banks.

Still in the last seven days, the BNA also sold 26.5 million euros for the coverage of operations relating to credits secured by the Central Bank for the productive sector and acquisition of foodstuffs, besides other specific amounts to different economic sectors, such as energy and waters, health, education and agriculture.

The BNA also sold 1.3 million euros for operations relating to the payment of salaries of expatriate workers.

The average exchange rate of reference for one US dollar was 166,7 kwanzas, while for one euro it was 186,2 kwanzas (AKZ).

Still in the same week, the BNA placed in the market treasury bonds amounted at AKZ 6.7 million.

Source: Angola Press News Agency