The minister of Geology and Mining of Angola, Francisco Queiroz, and Mining Resources and Energy and water of Botswana, Onkokame Mokaila, addressed in Luanda issues related to cooperation in the mining sector.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, Francisco Queiroz said the mining sector has no borders, hence the need to strengthen cooperation actions between countries in the region.

“We looked at issues that have to do with how Africans must face and make the management of natural resources”, said the official.

He explained that Africa has its own mining vision, of which Angola is aligned with effective assumption through systems of domestic dealers and the way it thinks over the presence of domestic private investment.

“Now other institutions that also have these principles are emerging and our concern is to prevent duplication”, he added.

The minister emphasized the importance of the exchange of views on this subject, so to have a common view on how to consider the exploration of the African mining resource.

Source: Nam News Network