Angola, Botswana tune creation mechanism of Joint Commission

Gaborone Angola and Botswana will set up a Bilateral Joint Commission next year to promote and strengthen cooperation in education, health, mining and environment sectors, said Thursday the Angolan Ambassador to Botswana.

Biatriz Morais said that the cooperation agreements signed over the years between the countries will be reviewed after the creation of this Bilateral Joint Commission, set for the first half of 2020.

The diplomat said the diamond sector is among priorities in the cooperation between the two SADC member countries, apart from the education, health and environment sectors.

According to him, Botswana is a major diamond producer in world, stressing that Angola could gain its experience not only in mining area but also in cutting process.

She noted that Angola may benefit from training in some areas such as English and other areas of knowledge in Botswana, under

a protocol of understanding to be signed by Ministries of Higher Education of the two countries.

Both countries’ political and diplomatic ties date back to

18 February, 1976.

Source: Angola Press News Agency