Angola, Cabo Verde reinforce cultural cooperation

Cabinda – Culture ministers of Angola and Cabo Verde Carolina Cerqueira and AbraAPound o Vicente, respectively, have stressed the need to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and cooperation in various aspects of the sector.

Carolina Cerqueira and AbraAPound o Vicente reiterated this Tuesday in a joint declaration signed in northern Cabinda province.

The document also contains the prospect of cooperation within the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (CPLP) for the creation and development of the common market of arts, culture and creative industries.

This also includes annually celebration of Morna Week in Angola and Kizomba Week in Cabo Verde, on dates still to be defined.

The declaration also expresses the need to launch an exchange mechanism that promotes the sharing of experiences and combined efforts.

This also covers the exchange of knowledge in areas such as museum management, archival and library management, copyright and related rights, development of carnival and the international certification of handicrafts.

Both Ministries also intend to share experiences in the field of regulation of the creative industries, cooperation in the creation of scholarships of access to the Culture based on the experience of Cabo Verde.

Angola and Cabo Verde also agreed to work toward signing soon an accord on arts, culture and creative industries.

This also include setting up a working group that ensure guidelines for cooperation, which meets on yearly and alternately basis to better monitor the executive programmes as well as ensuring the regular presence of artists and cultural agents from various areas in the major events organised by both countries.

Speaking to the press, the Angolan minister Carolina Cerqueira spoke of the intention to strengthen cooperation in the area of cultural heritage.

In turn, AbraAPound o Vicente described the move as the first step aimed to consolidate the new culture cooperation framework of the two countries, strengthening the joint action programme.

Angola and Cabo Verde signed in 2002 a cooperation agreement in Culture field.

Source: Angola Press News Agency