Angola calls for end to embargo on Zimbabwe

Luanda Angolan government called on Friday for an end to US-EU economic sanctions on Zimbabwe, which has very negative socio-economic and financial impact on that country

Angola’s Government call is expressed in statement, noting that the sanctions affect the development of that SADC Member State, the livelihoods of its populations, mainly women, the elderly, people with disabilities and children.

The embargo also affect the growth and development of SADC countries, taking into account the trade, economic and financial ties between Member States,, undermining efforts to deepen the process of regional economic integration and cooperation.

In the Statement, Angola defends the need for a regional strategy and joint efforts that include this issue as a permanent agenda item in SADC meetings with its international cooperation partners and multilateral institutions.

The Republic of Zimbabwe has, for about two decades, been under sanctions described by SADC and the African Union as illegal and unfair, due to very negative socio-economic and financial impact, hampering efforts to recover their economy, points out the document.

The Ministerial Meeting of Peace and Security Council (PSC) held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in September 2018 called on all members of the international community to immediately lift the embargo on Zimbabwe.

Source: Angola Press News Agency