Angola: Chinese Guangdong province strengthens relations with Luanda

Luanda – The Chinese province of Guangdong intends to strengthen economic relations with the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL) to implement development projects in the most varied branches of the economy of the country’s capital.

Speaking to Angop in Luanda, the chairperson for foreign affairs of the Guangdong People’s Chamber, Zhang Xingjin said that the close relations will involve the implementation of development projects in the Angolan capital through public-private partnerships.

The Chinese province has many developed economic sectors, which can transfer technology and know-how to Luanda, such as the auto assembly, electricity, clothing and other industries.

“Our productive and industrial sectors are represented at the highest international level and we can implement in Angola and help for the rapid development of the Angolan capital,” he stressed.

He also announced the arrival of representatives of Chinese companies in Luanda and the visit of Angolan entrepreneurs to China, in order to create a good environment for exchanges of experience and possible partnerships.

The delegation of Chinese companies, headed by Zhang Xingjin, has been in Luanda since Monday.

Source: Angola Press News Agency