Angola committed to eradicate severe poverty until 2030

Luanda – Angola intends to eradicate severe poverty all over the country until 2030 by improving the living conditions of those living with less USD 1, 25 per day, says the report on Base Line Indicators Agenda 2030 launched Thursday in Luanda.

According to the document, the main focus of the sustainable development objective is the eradication of poverty, constituting the focal point of the entire development strategy.

Among the national priorities is the promotion of productive inclusion of households in poverty, removing them from this situation and contributing to local development, as well as raising the standard of living of citizens living in extreme poverty through social transfers

According to the results of the IBEP survey conducted in 2008-2009, at least 37% of the population lives in poverty 4,793 kwanzas month (for an adult individual, representing less than one dollar per day).

The inclusion of the agenda 2030 in the strategies and national political plans is articulated by thematic areas identified in the people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships embroiling social, economic and environmental concerns.

Source: Angola Press News Agency