Angola continues to bet on human capital investment

Benguela – Angola will continue to invest in development of human capital to increase the productivity and innovation skills so that the companies can compete on an equal footing with African and world counterparts.

The pledge came from minister of State for Economic and Social Development, Manuel Nunes JA�nior, while addressing an Angola/Portugal Business Forum opening ceremony on Thursday in coastal Benguela province.

As for the country’s refusal to the impoverish growth model, the minister defended commitment to diversification and quality products.

According to him, such entails adequate levels of knowledge and skilled human resources.

“It is important to establish strategic partnership between Angolan and other potential entrepreneurs with know-how and advanced technology to ensure quick access to the best the world can offer in the business and technology domains “added the official.

The minister expressed the country’s availability to welcome foreign private investment, not only the financial capital but mainly on know-how and necessary technology for its growth and development process, he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency