Angola defends human development right

Luanda – Angola’s representative to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations, Margarida Izata, Saturday in Geneva, Swiss Confederation, assured that Angola aligned itself with the thinking of the Special Rapporteur and the Declaration made by the African Group that highlight the importance of the “Duty of Memory”.

Ambassador Margarida Izata’s speech focused on the theme “Reparation, Truth and Justice”, widely discussed during the 45th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, which will take place at the Nations Palace until 6 October.

She said that taking into account its own experience, Angola reiterated its firm attachment to the establishment of truly transitional processes that require the appropriation of the main actors, including civil society.

She stressed that it was in this spirit, after having adhered in 2019 to the 2nd Additional Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions (on the Protection of Victims of Non-International Armed Conflicts), that the country established the “Commission for Reconciliation in Memory of Victims of Political Conflicts” that took place between 11 November 1975 and 2 April 2002.

“Its main objective is to respond to the violence committed during this dark period of Angolan history and to pay a dignified tribute to the victims,” she stressed.

In Geneva, Angola also participated in the debate related to the “Right to Development, as one of the main objectives of the National Development Programme (NDP).

On this issue, the country agrees with the Special Rapporteur regarding the attention that should be given to the human being in the whole process that involves the Right to Development, adding that, funding in this regard should mean the development priorities of the people and communities involved.

“This is where the Right to Development meets Human Rights and needs to be fully realized,” she said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency