Angola defends partnership with Finland

Luanda – Angola’s Foreign Affairs minister Manuel Augusto Monday defended the development of mutually advantageous private or public-private partnerships with Finland.

The Angolan top diplomat was speaking at the opening of talks with a delegation from Finland, headed by Foreign Minister Timor Soini.

Manuel Augusto said that economic and trade relations between the two countries are still to increase lot, in view of Finland’s economic strengths and the huge natural resources that Angola possesses.

He, therefore, defended a model of cooperation that would bring the business sector closer and the development of partnerships.

The diplomat said that Angola will continue to push for dialogue in the region where it is based, aiming at peace and prosperity, by providing the conditions necessary for economic recovery and development, based on dynamic and progressive regional integration.

The Angolan official said that the visit of the Finnish delegation demonstrates an unequivocal interest in consolidating bilateral relations and identifying opportunities in areas where Finland is competitive, such as electronics, engineering and telecommunications systems that are fundamental to the development of any economy.

The Finnish Foreign Minister considered the relations “very good” and with potential to improve and strengthen cooperation.

According to Timor Soini, it is important that the countries such as Finland and Angola further strengthen international cooperation through the United Nations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency