Angola denies claims of xenophobia in dealing with DRC citizens

Dundo – Angolan government has denied accusation of xenophobia and forced displacement of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) citizens in illegal condition in the country’s eastern Lunda Norte province.

The ongoing campaign dubbed Operation Transparency is intended to assess the process in the region, said the Presidency’s minister of State and Chief of Security Affairs, Pedro SebastiAPound o, while speaking at press conference on Saturday in Dundo city, Lunda Norte.

Also coordinator of the “Operation Transparency”, Pedro SebastiAPound o said that both Congolese and the other illegal citizens engaged in illegal exploration and selling of diamonds are voluntarily returning to their countries.

The President’s aide also considered groundless the information of alleged massacres of citizens from DRC.

Alluding to the mess caused by the illegal exploration of diamonds, the minister said there was a healthy coexistence with the citizens of the DRC in legal status.

There is no underlying xenophobia, said Pedro SebastiAPound o explaining that the operation is meant to restore legality and order in the exploration of diamonds.

He note that the move is intended to ensure an effective control of one of the country’s wealth, the diamond, denying any practice leading to the violation of human rights.

As for possible constraints the operation may cause for DRC, a country with which Angola shares a 1,200 kilometer boarder and preparing for its elections in December, the official said that “the operation occurs at a time the country has created the necessary conditions “, within the strategy of economic recovery, under the new government.

On intention of the DRC to repatriate the Angolans, under reciprocity, the official said such can occur, should the Angolan residents there are also found in the illegality.

The operation transparency has been underway in the provinces of Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Malanje, Moxico, Bie and Uige.

Source: Angola Press News Agency