Angola eager to join single window for foreign trade

Luanda Angola will join the Single Window for Foreign Trade as from March 31this year, anticipating its entrance to this electronic platform, whose aim is to facilitate the movement of goods at the borders, the head of operations of the Trade Ministry, Augusta Fortes, said on Thursday.

Angola was expected to join the Single Window on Foreign Trade in 2021; in the meantime the country has anticipated its entrance for this year.

Augusta fortes made the statement to the press on the sidelines of the first plenary meeting of the National Trade Facilitation Committee, chaired by the minister of Trade, Joffre Van-DA nem.

The move will put in alignment the ministries of Trade, Finance (through the General Tax Administration), Health, Agriculture, among others. It enables the reduction of customs clearance time and costs, in addition to providing greater security and speed in customs processes.

The electronic platform, which is being developed on the basis of Presidential Order 220/18 of 25 September, sets requirements to improve export control, determines a single computer system for international trade and imposes adequate surveillance of the territorial sea and Atlantic Ocean coast.

With this project Angola seeks improvements and efficiency of customs services, in the footsteps of countries like Uganda, Mozambique, Singapore and China.

Source: Angola Press News Agency