Angola: Efforts to Improve Country’s Health Situation Praised

Luanda – Social Policy Commission of Cabinet Council Tuesday in Luanda welcomed the efforts made by health workers, civil and military who, directly or indirectly, are involved in the implementation of the government’s measures to address the health sector problems.

This is contained in its final communique emerged from the 3rd Ordinary Session, chaired by Vice President, Manuel Vicente.

The Commission also reviewed the situation of the country’s hospitals, whose epidemiological condition is characterised by the increase in cases of malaria, dengue, chykungunya and yellow fever as well as non-communicable chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

The participants also assessed the progress report on the implementation of the main resolutions and recommendations of the Cabinet Council and its specialised committees, with the stress to the social sector.

The meeting also examined the actions relating to the review of the Law on Freedom of Conscience, Religion and Worship Network Expansion Strategy to the first Childhood, Executive Plan to Combat Domestic Violence, as well as actions related to the Angolan Youth Observatory.

As for the Culture field, the Commission analysed a draft presidential decree approving the regulation of collective management organisations and charging mechanism and distribution of copyright and others.

The participants were also informed on a progress report on the Process of Accreditation and Recognition of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education courses.

Still in its final communique, the Commission called on population for cooperation toward implementation of health public and sanitation measures.

Source: All Africa