Angola encourages Guineans to follow Constitution

Brasilia – The Minister of Foreign Affairs Manuel Augusto said that the Angolan Government encourages political actors in Guinea-Bissau to observe the Constitution and other laws with a view to normalizing the economic and social development of that West African country.

Guinea-Bissau is facing a post-election crisis that resulted in the inauguration in spite of the Guinea-Bissau Supreme Court of Justice of the candidate proclaimed winner of the 2019 elections by the National Elections Commission (CNE) Umaro Sissoco.

Speaking to the press after meeting in Brasilia with the Brazilian counterpart Ernesto AraA jo Manuel Augusto underlined that the Angolan Government supports the initiatives of dialogue as well as condemning the use of violence and attempts to assume power by non-constitutional base.

According to the minister Angola will wait for the pronouncement of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guinea-Bissau in order to definitively recognize the electoral results.

Unfortunately the Angolan official continued there has been an attempt in the last few hours to prevent this function from being fulfilled by the competent bodies.

Relations between Angola and Guinea-Bissau were strengthened with the opening of a Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of Angola in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau in 2006.

In 2007 the 1st Session of the Angolan-Guinean Joint Bilateral Commission was held in Bissau Guinea’s capital which resulted in the signing of the Economic Cooperation Protocol between the Governments of the two countries.

However the implementation of a General Cooperation Agreement seems to be difficult to implement taking into account the constant changes at the level of Guinean interlocutors due to the persistent political instability over the past years.

The Angolan community residing in Guinea-Bissau is estimated at 100 people with consular registration.

Source: Angola Press News Agency