Angola encourages Portuguese investors

Luanda – Angola has encouraged the Portuguese authorities to raise awareness amongst investors in that European country to accept the challenge of continuing to invest in Angolan territory.

The words of the encouragement has come from the Angolan President, JoAPound o Lourenco.

The Angolan head of State was addressing the official talks between delegations of Angola and Portugal on Tuesday, under the two-day visit by Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa.

JoAPound o Lourenco said that both governments have the responsibility for outlining the policies that guarantee a strong cooperation in several fields.

Angola, said the statesman, pledged commitment to create a safe and attractive business environment.

As for setting up of firms and business in Angola, the President guaranteed that the investors will no longer face the obstacles resulting from overly bureaucratic procedures.

JoAPound o Lourenco spoke of the need for the prevalence of common sense, pragmatism and a sense of state in the relations between the two countries, in order to ensure their (ties) permanent strengthening.

At the international level:

The Angolan President highlighted the contribution of Angola and Portugal, members of the Portuguese Speaking Community (CPLP), in search of solutions for stability, peace and global security.

He referred to the encouraging signs on the situation in Guinea Bissau, also a CPLP member country.

The president made reference to the elections in Guinea Bissau set for November this year as an important factor in the consolidation of democracy and unity among Guineans.

Another aspect mentioned by JoAPound o Lourenco was the situation in Mozambique, also a member of the CPLP, where there have been encouraging results in fighting terrorist actions against local populations.

In his view, this scourge (terrorism) which affects the security and stability of that country can also represent a serious danger in terms of expanding its action throughout the region of Southern Africa.

Source: Angola Press News Agency