Angola exceeds FAO recommended fish consumption levels

Luanda Angola has exceeded the levels of fish consumption recommended by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) by reaching 22 kilograms of per capita consumption, above the 20 kilograms recommended by FAO.

In 2014, per capita fish consumption in Angola was 19 kilograms per year, when it consumed 453,300 tons, said Friday in Luanda FAO Angola Program Chief, Anastacio Goncalves.

The official, who was speaking to the press at the inter-regional Results Presentation seminar of the Project on Promotion and Inclusion of Fish in School Lunch, said the figures clearly show that fish consumption is not a problem for Angola.

On the other hand, he reported that the minimum consumption of fish recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) is 16 kg.

Referring to the project to include fish in school meals, he stated that it aims to motivate the consumption of fish from an early age, due to the nutritional benefits that come from eating this food.

Source: Angola Press News Agency