Angola gets District Court

Lobito – The Angolan judicial system has since this Thursday the first of the 60 Courts of District planned to be inaugurated countrywide.

The first District Court was inaugurated this Thursday in Lobito city, Benguela province by the President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco.

In addition to these facilities, following the reorganization of the former Lobito provincial court, the new District Court also covers a modern two-storey building with separate courtroom, customs and family tax rooms, with conditions to the height of the requirements and operation of the space.

Speaking to journalists about the inauguration of the Lobito District Court, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Queiroz, highlighted the ongoing justice reform in the country and emphasized that the district courts are closer to the population, in the localities where they work, thus promoting greater proximity between Justice and citizens.

Source: Angola Press News Agency