Phantom phenomenon in Modern Public Administration hinders recruitment and remuneration policies, says the Angolan government.

Representative of Finance Ministry, Nuno da Silva said this at a seminar under the topic Phenomenon of Ghost Workers in the Modern Public Administrations.

Addressing the topic on “Dimensions and Budgetary Impact of Ghost in the Angolan Public Administration, he said that the ghost phenomenon is topical because it is a harmful reality to the economy of any country.

Quoting the preliminary indicators of the ghost phenomenon, the official referred to 928 people in its budgetary impact, including the retired and deceased ones with wages and subsidies totaling 79.7 billion Kwanzas.

Nuno da Silva, who is from the National Budget Department, said search for solution of the phenomenon is among the government’s priorities through re-registration of employees.

He stressed that the re-registration measure will determine the size of civil servants and administrative agents with irregular employment contracts and registered in the Integrated System of State Financial Management (SIGFE).

He said that ghosts are considered all those who benefit from salaries without exercising the function.

Such occurs in cases like death, retirement, unilateral termination and non-productivity, said representative of Finance Ministry.

Source: Nam News Network