Angola grants Akz 4 billion for illegal immigrants repatriation

Luanda – The Angolan government has made available more than 4 billion kwanzas to repatriate illegal immigrants in the framework of Operation Transparency, which has been ongoing in the country since September last year.

The information was given today (Friday), in Luanda, by the spokesman for Operation Transparency command, Antonio Bernardo.

Speaking at the opening of press conference of the first year of Operation Transparency, Antonio Bernardo stressed that during this period 527,725 illegal immigrants were repatriated.

Most are citizens from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Senegal, Ethiopia and Eritrea, among other nationalities, said the official.

During Operation Transparency, he continued, 245 diamond mining cooperatives were licensed. Of this number only 20 are functional. The rest are not operating due to incapacity of the owners.

To overcome this situation, the Angolan National Diamond Prospecting, Exploration, Lapping and Trading Company (Endiama) was tasked with the reactivation process of cooperatives that are not operating.

Source: Angola Press News Agency