Angola has achieved improvements in health indicators

Luanda – Angola has achieved improvements in some health indicators, with a focus on reducing maternal, neonatal and child mortality, according to the latest survey of multiple health indicators conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in the last two years.

According to the Secretary of State for Hospital Affairs, Altino Matias, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the conference on “Universal health coverage for sustainable development”, the other great success is related to the elimination of poliomyelitis and the control of yellow fever in the country.

He emphasized that these achievements have enormous significance, as they have been achieved with the involvement of partner sectors such as churches and civil society.

However, he said, much remains to be done to achieve sustainable development goals and universal health coverage, and the Ministry of Health (Minsa) has a huge responsibility in this commitment, with health being one of the most powerful social cohesion.

For him, it is unquestionable that the challenge is enormous for the sector, noting that the area still faces constraints related to the quality of health care provided, with insufficient health coverage and weak system of reference and against reference between the three levels of care of the national health service, and scarce human resources.

He added that there are also challenges with regard to the health management system, including the information system, logistics, communication, insufficient financial resources and inadequate funding model.

Source: Angola Press News Agency