Angola heads towards more responsible and free press – Minister

The Mass Media minister, Nuno dos Anjos Caldas Albino, on Wednesday said that the consolidation of an increasingly free press in its duty to inform more effectively and more responsibly, in journalistic exercise, has been put high in the Mass Media’s agenda.

The minister, who was speaking at the opening of the 14th Consultative Council of the Mass Media Ministry, said the moment is favourable and the sector is following the dynamics of this new stage of structural changes, taking place in various areas of the public life.

Media does not simply play a crucial role, but also has a transcendental role in the education, training and instruction of the new man, promoting solidarity bonds and identity of each citizen, said the minister.

According to the official, these factors will contribute to the affirmation of citizenship and the construction of a common project, which must always unite and never do the opposite.

“The reasons that unite us are always stronger than those that disunite,” Albino said.

He also highlighted the beginning of live broadcasts of the plenary sessions of the National Assembly (parliament) on public TV and radio stations, which will create, in time, proximity between citizens and their representatives, as well as the creation of the Regulatory Body of the Media (ERCA), its Portfolio and Ethics Commission, which will deserve unconditional support for its installation.

The above said aspects have led to transformations being experienced by the country, the minister said, adding that journalistic activity should not be give space for disinformation or untruths nor reckless messages on social media, in particular.

Source: Angola Press News Agency