Angola joins Stateless person convention

The document was delivered by the Secretary of State for Human Rights and Citizenship, Ana Celeste Januario, in an act held at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

The treaty defends the right of stateless people as defined in the UN Convention of September 28, 1954.

The Global Action Plan to End Stateless people, developed in consultation with States, Civil Society and International Organizations, sets out a set of actions to be implemented to achieve the corresponding targets by the year 2024.

These include the elimination of current major situations of stateless person, ensuring that no child is born stateless, an end to discrimination on the basis of nationality laws and preventing the denial, loss or deprivation of nationality on discriminatory grounds.

The Angolan Constitution, approved in 2010, safeguards protection against stateless people and with this accession Angola will be required to comply with the rules of the Convention and work to eliminate the stateless people situation in the country.

Source: Angola Press News Agency