Angola: Jose Eduardo dos Santos will dedicate himself to social causes

Luanda – the former President of the MPLA and the Republic of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, announced Saturday in Luanda that he will dedicate himself to social causes, after leaving the active political life.

Speaking to journalists, at the end of the conference, the politician who headed the ruling MPLA party and Angola from September 21, 1979, also revealed that his memories were being written by others.

Patron of the Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA), Jose Eduardo dos Santos passed the MPLA chairmanship to JoAPound o Lourenco who was already vice-president.

MPLA party now officially has five presidents in its history, namely Ilidio Machado, Mario Pinto de Andrade, Agostinho Neto, Jose Eduardo dos Santos and, henceforth, JoAPound o Lourenco.

Ilidio Tome Alves Machado was the first president of the MPLA until he was arrested in 1959 for subversive activities against the Portuguese regime at that time.

Source: Angola Press News Agency