Angola: Justice sector highlights fight against corruption

Luanda -Angolan Executive’s actions focused on fight against corruption, under the President JoAPound o Lourenco’s stewardship, were highlighted Wednesday in Paris, France, by minister of Justice and Human Rights Francisco Queiroz, Angop learnt from an official source.

The source said that the minister tersely spoke of the actions launched in the last 18 months by the Angolan Government, in the field of Corruption and Integrity.

At the March 20 � 21 event, Francisco Queiroz said that the new political cycle, opened by President JoAPound o Lourenco in September 2017, places the combat corruption and impunity at the top priority.

He said that the government approved a Strategic Plan for Prevention and Combat Corruption, which provides for the standardisation of the procedures of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Directorates of the Attorney General’s Office and the Criminal Investigation Service.

He explained that one of the fundamental aspects of this plan is the reinforcement with advanced technology for investigating and prosecuting criminal cases.

The incumbent minister also mentioned the information and communication technologies to track suspicious operations by individual users and institutions, as essential tools for an efficient fight against economic crime.

Minister Francisco Queiroz welcomes the inclusion in the forum of the theme of new technologies in the fight against corruption and the restoration of integrity in institutions.

Stressing the government commitment to fight against corruption and organised crime as the main priority, the minister said in addition to the international legal instruments that Angola has ratified, the country has recently approved important diplomas and state institutions aimed at combating crime of an economic nature.

The laws are those of Public Probity, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, Voluntary Repatriation of State Assets, and Extended Loss of State Proceeds for Illicit Enrichment.

The laws include the new Penal Code, criminalising offences that prevent the practice of corruption and the use of state-owned money for personal purposes, as well as the creation of the Departments for Combat Crimes of Corruption in the Criminal Investigation Service, and National Office of Prevention and Combat Corruption, at the Attorney General’s Office.

Still, in the same period, the Strategic Plan for Prevention and Combating Corruption was launched in December 2018, aimed to promote integrity, transparency, a culture of accountability. The Strategic also served to improve services in public administration, promote the involvement of society in preventing and combating corruption.

He also referred to the fact that, in terms of law enforcement, the Attorney General Office has initiated a systematic action against agents sending out clear signs of involvement in crimes of corruption, money laundering, embezzlement and other crimes that attempt against the state assets.

In this sense, 604 cases involving mainly public managers and political leaders were registered, suspected of committing acts of corruption and embezzlement. Of these cases, more than 10 have already been completed and are under trial.

“This is not an easy fight, but the Angolan Executive and President JoAPound o Lourenco are engaged in this combat, for which we have international support,” he said.

The Government of Angola, therefore, welcomes the invitation to participate in this important event and expresses its total willingness to continue to collaborate and gather experiences of the member states to strengthen the fight against corruption and to implement integrity in the institutions, stressed the minister of Justice.

Source: Angola Press News Agency