Angola: Luanda hosts second Israeli film festival

Luanda – Angola’s capital Luanda is hosting from Friday the second festival of Israeli cinema in Angola with a view to spreading the cultural potential of Israel and publicise the country’s reality.

Going until first November, the organisation plans, among other things, to display the films “Zero motivacAPound o” and “Boneca Casamento”, in order to show reality and encourage the cultural exchange between the two people.

According to the Israeli ambassador to Angola, Oren Rozenblat, who was speaking to the press at the launch ceremony of the event, the films to be screened at Cinemax, result from a partnership with Belas Shopping.

The move brings messages of Angola/Israel people, their problems and the conflicts.

The film Zero motivacAPound o is attended by actors Dana Ivgy, Nelly Tagar and Shani Klein.

The comedy was produced in 2014, an accomplishment and argument by Talya Lavie.

Source: Angola Press News Agency