Angola: Minister Clarifies On Water Quality in Luanda

Cambambe – The current situation of water quality in the province of Luanda was clarified Friday, in the municipality of Cambambe, province of Kwanza Norte, by the minister of Energy and Water, JoAPound o Baptista Borges.

Speaking at the end of the visit to the hydroelectric Cambambe Dam, the government official stated that the situation is linked to untreated water into the abstraction of the treatment stations due to rising of the Cuanza and Bengo rivers levels.

He said that with this increase, organic bacteria entered the central abstraction, which made difficult the abstraction process.

He pointed out that another cause verified, has to do with the contamination of the distribution network, because most of the districts of Luanda were flooded, ending so causing untreated water infiltration in the distribution network.

He explained that with the end of the rains, the failures will be resolved. He said that there is a project for the rehabilitation of the water distribution network.