Angola: Minister Highlights Benefits of Bridge Over River Cuito

Cuito Cuanavale – The Minister of Construction and Urbanisation, Waldemar Alexandre Pires said on Wednesday in Cuito Cuanavale city, southern Cuando Cubango province, the bridge over the river Cuito, will boost the region’s development and improve the national roadway.

Speaking to the press after the inauguration of the undertaking made by the Minister of National Defence, JoAPound o Lourenco, under the celebrations of the 28th anniversary of Cuito Cuanavale Battle, Waldemar Alexandre Pires stated that the said bridge also represents the practical application of the benefits of peace by the Angolan government.

According to him, the project results from an investment of the Angolan State estimated at 885 million kwanzas and translates the executive engagement in solving the problems of the people and at the same time comply with the goals and objectives of the National Development Plan (PND 2012/2017).

About the quality of the work, he said that it met the rules of the public procurement law and it was firstly developed an executive engineering project that was approved by the bodies that supervise the sector, through companies that were responsible for the construction, supervision and technical coordination of the project.

“Therefore, all that is normative and technical specifications were observed, which is why we have a work of excellent quality and with internationally accepted standards”, he said.

Source: All africa